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Spectator Guidelines- UPDATED 10/9

To ensure that we are being compliant with current guidelines we are going to put the following in place. TWO parents or guardians per player will be allowed on the field as a spectators (max 100 spectators). If a parking lot is close to a field parents and family members may watch from their vehicles.

Spectator Responsibilities:

1. Practice: No spectators on the fields or sidelines for practices. Remain in parking lots or areas away from the fields of play. Local facility rules will apply.

2. Game: The state mandate of a maximum of 100 spectators per field must be followed. 

3. Sidelines: The spectator areas should be marked at social distancing intervals. Additional spacing from the sideline is recommended. U12 fields and regulation fields at Ft.Ben and Rotary Park will have lines painted on the spectator side at least 6 feet from the sideline. This will help to maintain social distancing from any side official.

4. Masks: Masks should be worn to, from, and before games. Stationary spectators may remove masks only if alone or in the presence of their family unit. Masks should be worn if spectators leave the area.

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