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Fall 2017 Rec Schedule

Match Schedules

Field Practice Schedules


Fort Ben - Newport            
Field Team Name Coaches Time        
U6 Ft. Ben A Honeycutt 5:30        
  Ft. Ben B Open / No Roster 6:30        
U8 Ft. Ben Girls  Waner 5:30        
  Ft. Ben Boys Wiley 6:30        
U10 Ft. Ben Boys A McCauley /? 5:30        
  Ft. Ben Girls A Klott/C.Shoden 6:30        
MHC - Swinson/MCPS            
Field Team Name Coaches Time        
U6 1 MHC U6 A Vandersea/Binckley 5:30        
U6 2  MHC U6 B Brickhouse /K.Schoden 5:30        
U6 3  MHC U6 C Grigoriciuc / ? 5:30        
U8 1 (MCPS) MHC U8 Girls A Rappaport/Rappaport 5:30        
U8 2 (Swinson) MHC U8 Girls B Schwartz /? 5:30   (Near Swinson Tennis Courts)
U10 MHC U10 Girls A Lambert/Hollingsworth 5:30   (Behind Bus Parking Lot)
u12 MHC U10 Boys A K.Schoden /Linka 6:30   (Lighted field in Swinson)
MHC - Rotary Park            
Field Team Name Coaches Time        
2 (A) MHC U8 Boys A Bledsoe /? 5:30        
2 (B) MHC U8 Boys B Robinson / Mashburn 5:30        
2 (C ) MHC U8 Boys C Epps / Lawrence 5:30        
* Rotary park fields are the ones near the playground.  Current MHC Parks Schedule will shift       
  Wednesday games to the field behind the MHC Rec Center on 1600 Fisher Street.      
Freedom Park - Beaufort            
Field Team Name Coaches Time        
U6 Freedom U6 Thompson/Truskey/Cowley 5:30        
U8 Freedom U8 Girls Christiansen 5:30        
  Freedom U8 Boys Yelton 6:30        
U10 Freedom U10 Boys Willis/Brooks 5:30        
Western Park - Cape Carteret            
Field Team Name Coaches Time        
U6 1 Western U6 A Fahy 5:30        
U6 2 Western U6 B Ormsby 5:30        
U8 1  Western U8 Boys A Terry/Terry 5:30        
  Western U8 Girls B Turner/Felipe 6:30        
**Contact Coach Western U8 Boys C Day/Ormsby 6:30        
U8 2 Western U8 Girls A Carver 5:30        
  Western U8 Boys B Lorrius/LaForgia 6:30        
U61 Western U8 Boys D Masden / Sirkin 6:30        
U10 Western U10 Girls A O'Kane/Carruthers 5:30        
  Western U10 Boys A Holmes 6:30        
  Western U10 Boys B Iglesias 6:30        
*Boys teams will share the U10 field for practices