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Spring 2018 Program Updates

We would like to make the following announcements for the Spring 2018 Season.  

1. ECSA will be available for all age groups u12 - highschool. This group is often referred to as "Travel Rec."

2. Seashore Youth Development Program (SYDP) will continue. After reviewing regulations and listening to request we have determined that your child can participate in both Rec (SYRP) or ECSA and SYDP. 
So if your child is currently in SYDP and would like to also be in SYRP or if your child is in SYRP and would like to participate in SYDP that will now be an option available to you. This change will require some scheduling adjustments, so we will make those announcements once we see how many sign up. 

3. If your child is in SYDP and would fall into the u12 age group and you no longer want to do SYDP but signed up for a full year a $75 credit will be made to you. This credit ONLY applies to u12's who were signed up for an entire year. 

4. For Spring 2018 schedules will remain unchanged. We will, however, alternate game times on Wednesdays to better accommodate schedules. 

5. For u8 and u10 a total of 4 additional games will be played in a festival format on a mid-season weekend and end of the season weekend. This change will provide a minimum of 2 extra games on each of those weekends thus giving the kids more playing time and allowing the u8's to play teams they would not regularly play. These two festivals will include ALL u8 and u10 teams as well as Academy in at least one of these festivals. 

6. In addition to the new festivals and playing time we will also look to bring back the u10 tournament for Spring 2018 with a change. The change will be that the u10 Coaches and Parents will need to be responsible for forming a Tournament Committee to organize and run the tournament.  A board or executive staff member will be assigned to the committee to assist in field scheduling and coordination. We would like to see that committee made up of representatives from all regions of the club Eastern, Central and Western. All members of the committee will need to go through Risk Management and a sign-up link will be provided at the start of the season. 

After the Spring 2018 season, the new Board and Executive Staff will look to reevaluate all aspects of the club and make adjustments as necessary. 

Any questions can be directed to the Club VP at

Again we thank all of you for your participation and expect to see registration links available in the coming weeks. 

    Fall 2017 Recreation Game Schedules


    These schedules are now considered live, but a living document.  Games will be held on Wednesdays during the 5:30-6:30 and 6:30-7:30 time slots.  They will be adjusted depending on field availability due to weather.  Please remember to always check the county hotline (252-728-8484) for the latest field status.    As of now, we are working with the County and Morehead City Parks Departments concerning the approaching storm and the impacts to our games.  If Wednesday, 9/27/17 is a rain-out, games will be moved to this Saturday, starting at 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM respectively.  Changes will be provided to the coaching staff first to allow them to disseminate out to individual players 

    Daily Field Status Report!

    Please select the facility at which you have practice or a game. This will allow you to check the field status each day. Note: Field status updates are based on the information provided to Seashore Soccer by external agencies. SSL takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by such agencies.

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